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Fully Veiled Protester in Tahrir Square           -29 July 2011 | by alisdare1
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Fully Veiled Protester in Tahrir Square -29 July 2011

During the largest Muslim Brotherhood demonstration since Mubarak's resignation, a sister wearing the Niqab carries a placard and a large bottle of water due to the intense summer heat.


After the revolution women began to take a more active role both in secular liberal protest groups and also, more surprisingly, within the Brotherhood which had previously been criticized for being too much of a "bearded boys' club."


They stood at the forefront of rallies in Tahrir Square and across Egypt by both secularists and the MB during 2011 and they did so despite the risk of sexual assault.


While many Egyptian men claimed that women brought it on themselves by wearing provocative clothing, statistics showed that most of the women assaulted were wearing either the hijab or niqab when attacked.


Unfortunately the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood in the parliamentary and presidential elections brought no improvements.


In fact the Freedom and Justice Party, which represented the MB, only had seven women members in parliament and in March 2013 the Muslim Brotherhood government rejected a draft UN resolution calling for an end to all forms of violence against women.


Partly this may have been due to the support within the MB for female genital mutilation with President Morsi declaring that he felt it was a decision that was best taken within the family and no business of the government's.


Nor has there been much sign of an improvement under the post MB military dominated government of President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi with a recent Amnesty International Report entitled "Circles of Hell: Domestic, Public and State Violence Against Women in Egypt​,” arguing that Egyptian women still endure widespread domestic violence, state violence, sexual assault and harassment and torture in prisons.


Check out my own two minute video review of the facts of the current human rights crisis in Egypt ( as of April 2016 ) on the following link


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Taken on July 29, 2011