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this is the Allen Lambert Galleria at Brookfield Place in Toronto, Ontario, shot while dodging in and out from behind an obscuring pillar with my gear, trying to avoid the patrolling security guard who i assumed would shoo me out. no real reason why i thought he would, just didn't want to run the risk.


from wikipedia:


The Allen Lambert Galleria, sometimes described as the "crystal cathedral of commerce", is an atrium designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava which connects Bay Street with Sam Pollock Square. The six story high pedestrian thoroughfare is structured by eight freestanding supports on each side of the Galleria, which branch out into parabolic shapes evoking a forest canopy or a tree-lined avenue because of the presence of building facades along the sides of the structure.


The Galleria was the result of an international competition and was incorporated into the development in order to satisfy the City of Toronto's public art requirements. It is a frequently photographed space, and is heavily featured as a backdrop for news reports, as well as TV and film productions.


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Taken on July 9, 2012