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Zombie Governor Scott Walker


This page is dedicated to getting the truth out there. It has become obvious that Governor Walker is a zombie... and he wants our brains.


This is a threat not only to Wisconsin teachers, who have the most delicious brains of all, but to the entire middle class and anyone with a brain.


A Zombie Attack Is Probably The Worst Thing That Can Happen To You

The reason zombies are so terrifying to us is because they represent one of our greatest fears: a loss of our autonomy, our ability to control our bodies and minds. It is fitting that these monsters have been largely represented as rotting corpses, because that's literally what they do to human beings: They decompose us individually and assimilate us into a giant, undifferentiated horde.


Please don't let that happen. Protect America from Zombie Walker.

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Taken on February 20, 2011