Aquatic Life Illustrations: a historical view
When FAO was established in Rome in the early 1950s, the extensive collection of the library of the International Institute of Agriculture (IIA) became the core of the David Lubin Memorial Library (DLML).
Mr Cappelli, a former director of the IIA, donated his collection of rare and historical books, so enriching the Library of the IIA and, consequently, the DLML, with a fine and coherent collection of precious and often illustrated rare books (mostly in Latin, Italian and French) in the domains of agriculture, forestry and fisheries.
The illustrated books on the early taxonomy of fish and other aquatic animals, most of which are part of the rare books collection of the library, have been the inspiration for an exhibition named "Aquatic Life Illustrations", set up in the DLML's atrium on the occasion of the 29th Committee on Fisheries (COFI - 31 January - 05 February 2011). This photo gallery is an online selection of the material presented in the exhibition. It is intended to give a quick historical overview of the illustration of aquatic life through the ages. Starting with Salviano’s Aquatilium animalium historiae, published in 1554 in Rome, the presentation includes nearly all the famous ichthyologists and fish illustrators of the past, the ones who started the description and scientific illustration of fish and aquatic life in general as new disciplines. It also includes other milestones of scientific fish illustration such as Aldrovandi, whose book was published in 1642, and Buonanni, whose book, published in 1684, is illustrated with 145 engravings.
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