Stalk-eye Flies (Teleopsis sp.) mating

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    I was lucky enough to find and observe a mating pair recently ^_^

    Stalk-eye Flies, as the name suggest, have very long eye-stalks (yes, those are the eyes on the far left and right :p).

    The males (on top) tend to have much longer eye stalks, which acts as a prerequisite to "tackle" the females (bottom).

    Males and females tend to rub their forelegs together (also in my Flickr account), which I suspect it to be a mode for stridulation- calling out for a mate.

    When a pair of male and female are close together, the male will bend its body low while using its forelegs to continuously tap the surface of the leaf as a sign for mating.

    When mating, the male steps on top of the female. The forelegs of the male are put on the "V-shaped" abdominal spines of the female (so that's what its for lol :p)

    PS: These flies are a nightmare to photograph up-close due to their very weird body shape!

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    1. ralfdupka 24 months ago | reply

      HI, I have been observing these flies all over the world, and photographing too. However have never managed a mating shot like this, or pobserved the spikes on the back of the female having this purpose. Great shot and great observation. I am working on a kids book at the moment called WORLD'S WEIRDEST INSECTS and will have a spread on antler flies from my photo collection. I was wandering if you would allow me to use your shot there too, so the sotory I can tell in the captions will be more full. My publishers do not pay for images though (I no longer sell mine either in this internet age).
      Happy hunting

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