compromising ideas of masculinity
“Choose to engage the world actively by recognising what is happening and not reinforce it, question it. Point out how strange normality can be” Sut Jhally 2009

From our first encounters of imaging we have conditioned ourselves to accept hegemony of gender stereotypes. These ‘codes of gender’ that can be found among historical representations and everyday imagery such as films; art, advertisements, brands and music, are sub rooted within us. They are not natural. We very rarely see imagery of men exposing their necks, touching their lips, touching hips or breaking their body posture and in any case that you will find a male in the position of any of the above the imagery has been designed to represent how the man is more associated with feelings of powerlessness, sympathy, and or emotional instability. I used these portraits to compromise our ideas of masculine body language and posture.
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