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Munchkin Bites! Scary Potage

Custom Cards

I know, this is not LEGO related, well, almost not, since I got the idea to post my Munchkin cards from Guy , probably better known as V&A Steamworks and his fantastic LEGO Munchkin cards .

Those are some old custom cards I designed for a Munchkin Halloween contest in 2007 (I’ll probably post some more cards in the near future, since I designed a complete Munchkin Game as a birthday present for a friend of mine). I created those cards in German and translated them now. Puns and linguistic jokes often can’t be translated 1:1, but I tried my best. For those of you who speak German, I add the original text here:


Chucky, die Mördersuppe

Ihre totbringenden Zutaten bleiben dir im Hals stecken.

Schlimme Dinge: Böses Sodbrennen. Verliere eine Stufe.

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Taken on September 11, 2012