Maratus bubo
The discovery of this peacock spider was freaky ! David Knowles and I were on a mission to find a spider he had discovered many years early, a spider he calls Hokey Pokey. So while looking for Hokey Pokey we found a peacock spider and of course we assumed that it was the one. We were in fact so sure that we didn't even bother to look at it closely. Days later in Sydney I photographed this spider and to my surprise found that what we found was something completely different, and surprisingly beautiful, much more colourful than Hokey Pokey in fact.

David Hill and I named and described this spider recently in number 141.1 of the journal Peckhamia. You can download this paper by clicking on that number on the Peckhamia site but be patient because it is 100 MB. The abdominal pattern reminded us of the face of an owl, so we decided to name it bubo, which is the genus name for Horned owls.
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