Maratus albus
a species I discovered while travelling by car from Sydney to Western Australia. I found it at the Eyre Bird Observatory in Nuytsland Nature Reserve. Subsequently this spider was also reported from South Australia and most recently I found it on Kangaroo Island. It was named and described in number 141.1 of the journal Peckhamia. You can download this publication from the Peckhamia website but be patient as it is about 100 MB.

This spider does not have the flaps that many other peacock spiders have and does not lift its opisthosoma (abdomen). But it is a charming animal nevertheless and the juveniles you see are probably amongst the most photogenic.

The females of this species are remarkable in their variation. I will put up some pictures soon to demonstrate this.

Maratus albus appears to be restricted to coastal habitats, beaches and rocky terrain directly adjacent to the sea. It can be found on small plants or debris
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