Maratus neptunus
In October 2013 Bob Rogers contacted me with a photograph he snapped with his mobile phone while doing some bush regeneration work at a place that is about 1.5 hrs drive north of Sydney. It was immediate obvious that it was another species of peacock spider and I rushed to the site to find an individual to photograph, but no luck. In 2014 I revisited that site on several occasion and Bob also kept looking every time he went there, but the spider remained elusive. On 6 October I thought I give it another try, and after three hours of searching I wanted wanted to throw in the towel and put it into the "too hard basked".... but just at that moment I got a glimpse of a blue speck. The spider is now named and the description can be found in Peckhamia (147.1). The name we chose is the one suggested by Bob. It refers to the ocean colour (blue colour) as well as Neptune's trident (three black stripes)
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