Maratus avibus
David Knowles and I discovered this species at Cape Arid, east of the Western Australian city of Esperance, in October 2013 and David Hill and I described it later in Peckhamia

At the time we discovered this spider, another new species, Maratus caeruleus, had just been described from 15 km away, from Middle Island. Recently I managed to travel to that location and photograph that spider as well (see separate album) and you can see the clear similarities between the two species. The only differences really are the coloration of the "head" and the extent of the red stripes on the opisthosoma which in M. caeruleus are a lot longer. The blue coloration on the opisthosomal fan is also more vivid in M. caeruleus and this species is slightly larger, although not as large as claimed in Julianne Waldock's original description.

I have also posted a video featuring Maratus avibus on YouTube
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