Maratus splendens
This species is very closely related to the more commonly encountered and more widespread species Maratus pavonis, but differs in a a number of aspects, most importantly perhaps the black band of scales behind the eyes.

In 1951 Roewer decided to change the name of this spider from splendens to rainbowi, but splendens has now been reinstated as its accepted name. It complies with Article 23.9.5. of the current (2000) International Code of Zoological Nomenclature and all publications about this spider use the name Maratus splendens.

This spider was first described and named in 1896 but no further specimens were reported until David Hill and I identified specimens from Sydney's Lane Cove National Park in 2011. Its display behaviour can be seen in a movie I published on YouTube

Details about its morphology and display behaviour can be found in Peckhamia 89.1

Peckhamia 107.1 has further information about this species and the species group it belongs to
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