Lofted Workspace 2012

Space was limited in my room so I decided long ago to remove my bed and build a lofted setup.


I do a lot of tinkering so I built in a U shaped desk that extends more or less around the full perimeter of my room with lots of space to work on things. My desktop setup lies directly underneath my bed and on the opposite side I have a soldering/electronics station.


I recently underwent a few hardware upgrades for my desktop which include a liquid cooled 6 core, 64 gb RAM custom machine and 3x 27" Achieva Shimian Korean IPS displays. These are mounted to the wall with monitor arms and can be pulled closer to the edge of the table if needed. The setup works really well for my 3d modeling and coding work.


They are also backlit by a RGB LED strip powered by an Arduino R3 and Python based client on the desktop which changes color according to the color on the screens. I find that it helps a lot with eye strain and adds a great ambiance to the room.

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Taken on October 7, 2012