• Samsung Series 7 Slate
  • Logitech c310 webcam
  • Tea. Always good to have nearby. =]
  • 3d Connexion Space Navigator for 3d modeling work.
  • Record button for Avermedia screen capture card.
  • Hand sculpted character figure. fav.me/d53fhs1
  • Tray is made from the gutted base of an old G4 iMac
  • Creative Recon 3d wireless headset
  • Arduino Uno R3 powering LED strip ambient lighting setup. The color changes according to the desktop screens.
  • 3x 27" Achieva Shimian Monitors

Lofted Workspace 2012

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Space was limited in my room so I decided long ago to remove my bed and build a lofted setup.

I do a lot of tinkering so I built in a U shaped desk that extends more or less around the full perimeter of my room with lots of space to work on things. My desktop setup lies directly underneath my bed and on the opposite side I have a soldering/electronics station.

I recently underwent a few hardware upgrades for my desktop which include a liquid cooled 6 core, 64 gb RAM custom machine and 3x 27" Achieva Shimian Korean IPS displays. These are mounted to the wall with monitor arms and can be pulled closer to the edge of the table if needed. The setup works really well for my 3d modeling and coding work.

They are also backlit by a RGB LED strip powered by an Arduino R3 and Python based client on the desktop which changes color according to the color on the screens. I find that it helps a lot with eye strain and adds a great ambiance to the room.

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  1. Billowred 30 months ago | reply

    It looked like same place different angles.

  2. glow city 30 months ago | reply

    Nice lofted bed.

  3. 09khanyu 30 months ago | reply

    This is awesome. Would you mind telling me what 3d modeling software you work with, your occupation and what work do you do with the slate. I am finding it difficult to choose a new pc and I am struggling to find to choose.

  4. NightRStar 30 months ago | reply

    Outstanding setup! What L desk did you use to make this? Where can I buy this? IKEA?

  5. chemb0t 30 months ago | reply

    Thank you! The desk is actually custom 'U' shape designed and built by me. Parts were bought from a local Home Depot, and most of it is anchored to the wall itself. You can probably build a similar setup using IKEA desks, although I'm not sure if it will be as cheap.

  6. roraz 30 months ago | reply

    What piece is the white shelving on the wall, is that iKea as well? :)

  7. chemb0t 30 months ago | reply

    Thank you! =] Work as an assistant technical director for VFX. Used to focus primarily on Modeling tasks so I use programs like Maya, Modo and Zbrush. I use the slate as a portable cintiq for my digital sculpting and painting projects. The screen isn't as big as my monitors but it provides a much more intuitive way to work directly on stuff.

  8. chemb0t 30 months ago | reply

    You know, I'm not actually sure. I found those 'L' shaped shelves at a thrift shop and repainted them (they were a black/dark brown). The hardware it came with had Chinese labels on them so it may or may not be Ikea brand.

  9. andrewtstorm1 30 months ago | reply

    Where can I download the wallpaper you have on your computer. I love the blue

  10. modery 30 months ago | reply

    Where did you get your desktop wallpaper from?

  11. chemb0t 30 months ago | reply

    I got my wallpaper from InterFacelift. interfacelift.com/

  12. bsheehan09 30 months ago | reply

    Nice set-up! What do you use for lights under the bunk? I have a similar set-up and a desk lamp isn't sufficient.

  13. chemb0t 30 months ago | reply

    The lights are Ikea Inreda LED spotlights that I installed for tasklighting. There is also a set of 'under the counter' fluorescent lights for additional ambient lighting. You can check out my other shots for closer details. Thanks for the comment!

  14. br1zzy 30 months ago | reply

    Nice setup! Where did you get the bed?

  15. chemb0t 30 months ago | reply

    The bed was custom built by me. The mattress is a tempur pedic. =]

  16. br1zzy 30 months ago | reply

    Aww I'd love a bed like that

  17. fisher_891 30 months ago | reply

    Hello, a really nice setup you have there! :) Could you tell me how big your room is? I have been thinking a while about putting something like this together, but your room just takes the cake :D

  18. This is TikO 29 months ago | reply

    Fav' for the 650D case! (oh and the room also btw) :D

  19. Kevin LeRoy 24 months ago | reply

    I am wondering about the RGB strip ... did you design and code this yourself or is there a link to a tutorial on how I could achive this myself ? I basicly would love to replicate *( and personalise) this setup for my own spare bedroom/ soom to be study / workshop area

  20. srwoodruff 13 months ago | reply

    Any chance you have the plans for your desk build? :-)

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