• Additional height thanks to jumping off the chair.

Transcendental Awesumitude

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For the International Day of Awesomeness I decided it would be awesome to finally do some full-on jumping shots at work. It's a horrid misuse of time and possibly inappropriate for the space, if one wanted to be a purist...but I think it was just awesome.

Happy International Day of Awesomeness!

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  1. Beadcharmer 61 months ago | reply

    okay! what kind of pills are you taking and where can I get them? 'cause it's obviously the good stuff to get you flying this high!

  2. ravina sniper 61 months ago | reply

    dude, that is an impressive jump! are you sure you can't levitate?

  3. Kevin Lawver 61 months ago | reply

    I think this is your best jump yet! I'm assuming you took off from the chair and not the ground? If that was the ground, you've chosen the wrong profession, bro. You should be in the olympics!

  4. THX0477 61 months ago | reply

    There you go spoiling the illusion of athletic ability, Kevin. Yeah, I used the chairs, but I paid for it. On top of the usual sore thighs from jumping my wrists are still killing me from a few too many bad landings.

    Still totally worth it.

  5. Niccirf 61 months ago | reply

    you make it look so easy! (I'm pretty sure I threw my back out just looking at this shot ;)

    Admired in ACTION! Shot Revolution

  6. Marcia Portess - Getting back slowly. 61 months ago | reply

    dospaz...are you 'sure' you're not levitating? This is a fantastic shot.
    Can you say...cirque de soleil. :-)

  7. *Est [deleted] 61 months ago | reply

    How the heck did you do this?

  8. THX0477 60 months ago | reply

    @*Est--It's a matter of setting the timer, watching the little blinking light, then jumping with a muttered prayer or two that the darn thing goes off at the apex of the jump and good point in the hurried pose. For every one I post there are a lot of fails, epic fails even. At the end of it all I wind up with a few usable shots and more than a few aches and pains for my troubles.

    Still, no way I'm going to stop now. These kind of shots are just too much fun!

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