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  • Bricks, Mod Bricks, Round Bricks and some odd bits at the bottom (antenna, bars and the like).
  • Slopes and Inverted Slopes
  • I envy your epic UCS collection. I have a pretty respectable SW collection myself, but the only one of these sets that I have is the AT-TE. - 4estFeller
  • Off shot to the left is the Vader TIE Advanced, and in the room next to this one is the Imperial Star Destroyer, Imperial Shuttle, Rebel Blockade Runner, Millennium Falcon, and (still boxed) The Super Star Destroyer :D

Lego Room

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Shots of my Lego room - total size about 95 sq ft of usable space.

Build table is 6 feet long, drawers hold baggies, instructions, & shipping supplies.

Room contains about 250,000 parts (give or take a few) in the various bins and bead boxes.

Organization - parts are organized by BrickLink Category, then part number, then color (bins are all labeled with part numbers). The elements in the shoeboxes are in zip-locs, the bead boxes hold smaller elements. Large categories (bricks, plates, etc) get their own section, smaller categories share sections.

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  1. Forestalx 43 months ago | reply

    Lego´s heaven!!!

  2. Morgan190 39 months ago | reply

    It looks like the containers are open, yeah? Is dust on pieces an issue?

  3. Unhalfbricking 39 months ago | reply

    The containers are all open top - lids were too wide to fit on the shelves properly. Dust isn't an issue - all pieces are bagged in zip-lock storage bags.

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