Kingston University Foundation Application
The universe is an art gallery and everything in it is a work of art. I am inspired every time I open my eyes, spending all my time either creating or admiring works of art. I take pleasure in analysing and interpreting the greater meaning behind a piece of artwork whilst enjoying the aesthetic appeal. I am pasionate about art and it encompasses everything I do and can be seen in my acheivments and intersts.

I have chosen Fine Art as I feel it will help me build a portfolio, prepare me for a place in higher education and allow me to analyse my interests and ambitions. I am particularly interested in developing my skills in painting, making sculptures, printing and photography, and I want to do this at Kingston University beacause the foundation work students produce there is very successful and I want to emulate that success.

In the future I plan to continue my studies in art, attaining a degree, a masters and a PhD. I aspire to develop as an artist throughout my life, and hope that I will be able to make a mark no matter how small on the history of art.
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