death on my door steps

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    Found on my door steps. When i left the house for dinner this evening, it was still alive...scampering away from me way too slowly...i decided to let it be, hoping it would leave my doorway. Unfortunately i came home from dinner to find this waiting for me in the dark. No doubt sick. Probably rabid. I busted out the bioharzard gear to dispose of it. I said a word or two, and off to the metal trash can in the sky. Took a photo to immortalize him/her....what a freaky looking thing!!?! El upstate NY? or perhaps a Devil Squirrel, or perhaps a half human/half squirrel hybrid experiment gone wrong. Maybe this is what an elder squirrel looks like? Perhaps this guy dodged all the cars, and lived a full squirrel life? Better outside then in my apt. RIP.

    1. RubyMae ages ago | reply

      Wow, that's one mangy squirrel. Poor thing.

    2. kathleen.bradley ages ago | reply

      oh, my...poor think indeed.

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    3. sebastien.barre ages ago | reply

      OK now how am I supposed to go to sleep...

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