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    I was skiing in Brooklyn's Prospect Park and I found a roll of film. I had the film developed and this is what I found.

    Please contact me if you recognize the people in the photos.

    Shot on Ilford HP 5 Plus film. They were shooting with 4 cameras that day, 2 digital (pictured), the camera taking the pictures, and an Olympus Pen F (not pictured -- but you can see it at the end of the video below) Look at other photos here:

    PS. I'm not posting any other photos because they don't belong to me and I don't feel comfortable posting high resolution versions of someone else's art until I get permission (which means I have to find them first).

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    1. rubia de pote 50 months ago | reply

      The guy on the right looks like benjamin biolay, the singer.

    2. jugglerpm 50 months ago | reply

      From the shadow, it looks to be about 10 AM.

      The guy on the right is shooting digital. Could search for digital images taken on that day and tagged with the various landmarks. Perhaps there might be a match.

    3. julie_starr_mccloud 49 months ago | reply

      About this photo: They totally look like they're from Europe.
      About your videos: "I'm going to do something good with this money! I won't spend it on myself!" Lol! I thought that was pretty funny, the way you said it....and I like that you are documenting and sharing this part of your life with us.

    4. luddites.rule 49 months ago | reply

      Why don't you post the rest of the photos?
      There may be "clues" that some of us might notice.

    5. david mendolia [deleted] 49 months ago | reply

      i loved the videos so much !! gives me so much hope if i were to ever lose my film

    6. Alan Aubry 49 months ago | reply

      You should uploadmore pictures on flickr.
      And by the way, to my point of view, it's not a Leica M camera but an Olympus Pen F

    7. Wilfredo Raguro 49 months ago | reply

      Todd! This really gives me the chills that you would search for the owner for the photographer's film. Thank you for doing such an amazing thing!

      I will do my best to forward it to my social network in Romania! Maybe just maybe they know someone there and it will spread all over in Europe. Now are there any countries that have Facebook censorship or YouTube censorship? This would be such a challenge but this is something that give's a daunting task such a word called...


    8. amccune 49 months ago | reply

      Yes, definitely an Olympus Pen F/FT/FV I own two of these cameras and recognized it instantly. Easily confused with an old rangefinder because the prism doesn't stick up.

    9. DeGuilherme 49 months ago | reply

      ver very nice convictions of your

    10. -Abs- 49 months ago | reply

      This is quite cool. Found the owners yet?

    11. Crispijn van Sas 49 months ago | reply

      Interesting case, lost film of wich probably the subject is missing on the photos ( he's making them ). His friends are photographed and he was probably interested in street photography. One of his friends shoots analogue and possesses one of the 190.000 produced Olympus PEN F camera's. The film is found in central park in the winter of 2010?...

      Then we have a selection that we can make on expression of the indivituals. My suggestion based on the style of clothes, the haircut these people are from western europe and not from eastern europe or Russia. The clothing gives the suggestion that these people might come from the Netherlands, Belgium, France or Germany.

      Then lastly there you can do an attemt to guess where these people arrive from based on racial expressions. Lundman a researcher on racial differentiation can be a good reference if you want to more closely determine the origin of these people:

    12. Crispijn van Sas 49 months ago | reply

      the 2 cameras on the shot. Are they PENTAX K10D, K20D ( left guy ) and canon EOS 350D or 400D ( right guy )?

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