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BAILARIN DE DIABLO | by godpainter
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Artist: “GOD PAINTER” Aura T. Pithart

Date: Painted May 7th 2010

Medium: Acrylic, Oil and Metallic on recycled canvas

Representation: "BAILARIN DE DIABLO" direct Spanish translation Devil Dancer




On easel drying stages "BAILARIN DE DIABLO"

So this second out of the four canvases that I purchased all on the same day at St. Vincent DePaul’s on Main Street in Vancouver.

Today is the first day that I worked on this piece and it was a relief to work on "BAILARIN DE DIABLO" for I had spent the whole afternoon working on another painting that wasn't coming so I stopped and pulled out this fresh recycled canvas and started to work.

I felt it come right away no pressure no ache no angst.

I could see the dancer emerging through my hands and the devils profile hidden in a pink cloud of smoke or chalk dust floating like a red velvet cape under the dancers arm draped out lke water. I felt something Spanish or Mexican in this right from the get go like the dance of a bull fight, the blood, the brick, the energy of the crowd the sickness of the sport and the killing for glory.

The bull fighter possibly a metaphor for the devil that tries to push needles into our spines and into our minds and hearts.

This is a tiny non-contrived canvas and I am still analyzing it so I will write more once I have looked at it for a few hours since it has only been a few minutes since "BAILARIN DE DIABLO" was completed!

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Taken in February 2011