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Teenage kicks

My cousin's feet. We were bored.


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31 Things I Like

1 Curling up in warm blankets and wanting nothing else from the world at that moment.

2 Doodling on anybody's skin, especially on my wrist.

3 The General Theory of Relativity.

4 Everything about banana bread, from its heavenly fragrance to the little chewy crumbs.

5 How incredible and amazing India's forests are.

6 The varying shades and patterns in people's eyes, the stories they tell.

7 The fresh smell of earth when it's just rained.

8 People who care enough to be nice.

9 Walking barefoot, letting the warmth from the ground tingle your feet.

10 All dogs.

11 Playing tennis until you think you're moving in a dream and become the thud of the ball.

12 The quiet sound of metal scissors snipping at hair.

13 How poetry makes my heart feel like it's swelling and slightly dizzy.

14 The little watery patterns inside round playing marbles.

15 The time in the morning when the pitch-black sky waters down to deep purple.

16 When a ray of sunlight catches in a strand of hair, making it glow and see-through.

17 That feeling of believing in yourself and then nothing in the world can hurt you.

18 Staying up all night with your closest friends at sleepovers.

19 The colour of the sea when it's sea-green.

20 Laying underneath billions of stars far far away from cities and realising what you're missing.

21 Knowing there's nothing in the world that could take away your parents' love for you, and vice versa.

22 Being in the countryside, reveling in what is left of nature.

23 Different kinds of handwriting, how they somehow match people's personalities.

24 Scuba-diving. How other-worldly it is, how it blows you away every time.

25 Highways at night, the sound and light from vehicles zooming by.

26 Drawing cartoons in your textbooks.

27 The amazing physics going on in the universe.

28 Braided hair.

29 Classical guitar.

30 FLICKR and all you incredible people.

31 How much I enjoyed writing this list!

31 faves
Taken on August 17, 2011