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Simple Things

This is my finished Simple Things shawlette. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.


I am super excited about it because I've never really had a finished wearable knitted item before. I tried to knit a sweater once and it was a giant fail (I used wool which is too hot for Georgia and I got tired of knitting it halfway through so it's a weird 80s crop top). I knit a rattle for Charlie, but this is the first actual garment I've ever really knitted. SO EXCITED.


I started this a long, long time ago, before Carrie was pregnant with Charlie, who is almost 19 months old! I am a super slow knitter and I pick things up and put them down over and over, so I knew it would be awhile for me to finish it. I decided that this vacation was the perfect time, so I would have the shawl for fall weather.


I bought this Brooks Farm yarn at Rhinebeck a few years ago, knowing I wanted to use this for a special project. I loved knitting this shawl. It wasn't too hard for me, a beginning knitter, but it had some interesting parts so I could practice doing more than just knitting and purling. (Yay Mary-Heather! This pattern rocks.) I only messed up a couple of times, but you can't really tell. I finished with just the tiniest bit of yarn left - a piece only about 20 inches or so long. Ha!


I think I am going to wear this so much this fall and winter. Now I want to knit something else, so I might try to tackle another shawl or maybe a hat? Hooray, I'm excited about knitting. :)

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Taken on September 10, 2011