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    This is my finished Simple Things shawlette. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

    I am super excited about it because I've never really had a finished wearable knitted item before. I tried to knit a sweater once and it was a giant fail (I used wool which is too hot for Georgia and I got tired of knitting it halfway through so it's a weird 80s crop top). I knit a rattle for Charlie, but this is the first actual garment I've ever really knitted. SO EXCITED.

    I started this a long, long time ago, before Carrie was pregnant with Charlie, who is almost 19 months old! I am a super slow knitter and I pick things up and put them down over and over, so I knew it would be awhile for me to finish it. I decided that this vacation was the perfect time, so I would have the shawl for fall weather.

    I bought this Brooks Farm yarn at Rhinebeck a few years ago, knowing I wanted to use this for a special project. I loved knitting this shawl. It wasn't too hard for me, a beginning knitter, but it had some interesting parts so I could practice doing more than just knitting and purling. (Yay Mary-Heather! This pattern rocks.) I only messed up a couple of times, but you can't really tell. I finished with just the tiniest bit of yarn left - a piece only about 20 inches or so long. Ha!

    I think I am going to wear this so much this fall and winter. Now I want to knit something else, so I might try to tackle another shawl or maybe a hat? Hooray, I'm excited about knitting. :)

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    1. lauren*o 42 months ago

      HOORAY! It looks completely fabulous! You should be super proud. :)

    2. funkycarolina [deleted] 42 months ago

      it looks so great.
      agree! you do have a wonderful smile, cathy. :)

    3. Mary-Heather 42 months ago

      YAY!!! It looks so pretty - that is such a great color on you and you look so HAPPY! :D This makes me happy!

    4. 42 months ago

      It's beautiful! What a gorgeous color on you, too!

    5. schrodinger212 42 months ago

      adorable! both you AND the scarf

    6. doggedknits 42 months ago

      Yay, you did an awesome job! It looks fantastic.

    7. cinnachick 42 months ago

      That is the perfect color of yarn for your skintone and those glasses are fantastic! Congrats on making the perfect winning first garment.

    8. zigeunerweisen 42 months ago

      Hooray!!! It looks so so great, and so do you!

    9. Lindsay_NYC 42 months ago

      Oh, yay! It looks great!

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    10. aswim in knits 42 months ago

      Nice! And the color is lovely - should be a great wardrobe piece.

    11. rachellake 42 months ago

      It is so pretty, and that color is perfect for you!

    12. meg's my name 42 months ago

      hooray! looks fabulous on you. and i love your smile.

    13. (afm) 42 months ago

      Good job, you! It looks great!

    14. mnappe 42 months ago

      Yay for sticking with the shawl and finishing it! It's so cute on you!

    15. Francesca Russell 42 months ago

      It looks great! Pretty color, too!

    16. Dare2eatapeach 42 months ago

      Way to go! It's really lovely.

    17. earthchick 42 months ago

      Hey pretty lady! Great job. It looks lovely on you.

    18. GirlReaction 42 months ago

      YAY way to go girlie.
      I see you immediately queued 18,000 things. I guess you feel like a knitter now, eh? :)
      A knitter and a quilter and a mom! You have changed so much this (non-calendar) year!!! :)

    19. Katie 81 42 months ago

      It's lovely! So funny the knitting change happened with you, too. Now knit something small next so you get the instant gratification and keep up the knitting motivation. :-)

    20. pants & ollie 42 months ago

      It's so lovely, you should be proud! Also, I LOVE your glasses, they're perfect for you!!

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