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Klout_PSP_AreWeThereYet_Promotion | by emilydickinsonridesabmx
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I was recently contacted by Klout, the social media ranking service, via email. They said they had looked over my Klout score, and seen that I often mention video games on Twitter. They enquired if I would like to receive a new Sony PSP 3000 portable gaming system, for free.


Considering the fact that I've been a lifelong computer geek, as well as someone who has been working in the Social Media realm since Day 1, I imeediately thought to myself: Scam! Then again, I'm acquainted with some of the folks who work at Klout and I use their service myself, so I figured it was worth a gamble.


Less than a week later, a brand spanking new PSP 3000 showed up on my doorstep! Not too shabby. I recently bought a PS3, and I've owned several DS'es, so having a PSP is a nice addition to my gaming arsenal.


The promotion is part of the marketing campaign for "Are We There Yet?", a sitcom on TBS. I actually don't have a TV that gets any channels (it's strictly hooked up to my PS3 and streaming Netflix) so I've never seen this show. However, some of the music for the show is by Ice Cube, and I've been a huge fan of Cube since NWA. The PSP is actuallt loaded with some "Are We There Yet?" medis, which I'll be planning to take a look at this evening.


As someone who designs similar promotions for a living, I have to give Klout high markings for a few things.


1.) They clearly took a look at my Twitter stream, and determined that I'm a gamer. They took the time to find the right person who would actually enjoy a nice system like this.


2.) The execution was flawless. I received a simple, easy to understand opt-in email. A few dys later, the PSP showed us a promised, hassle free.


3.) No pressure from Klout what so ever. They didn't ask me to blog, tweet, ro say anything about the promotion at all. That's the way it should be done. If people like the promotion, they will definitely take it upon themselves to mention it online.


So cheers to Klout on a job well done. Thanks for the PSP, I will definitely enjoy it!

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Taken on February 2, 2011