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    1. tessarie 20 months ago | reply

      But Jesus was born of a Virgin, Barrack, not so much.

    2. NO.U.TURN 20 months ago | reply

      Seriously? You're comparing him to Jesus? That blasphemous.

    3. denise2165 20 months ago | reply

      Too bad they don't have a puking emoticon.

    4. fionamacknz 20 months ago | reply

      What's your beef? At least Barack's parents were married.

    5. fionamacknz 20 months ago | reply

      Jesus was born of a young girl with the ability to persuade an old codger that the child she was carrying didn't keep her from being a virgin--and since she was very young and rather attractive, he married her.

    6. Kilderfirkin 20 months ago | reply

      So if I believe in Obama I get everlasting life? I can understand being enthusiastic about your candidate, but this is taking a few steps too far.

    7. Fudge me not 20 months ago | reply

      Our mutual Creator will take care of this narcissistic moron. I do hope the boy had his calendar czar print "I'm Barack Obama . . . and I approve this message" on this monkey crap because when that monkey doo doo hits the fan don't ya know he'll scream he didn't know about it. Get this AH out'a town. And, hey America - have ya learned your lesson yet?

    8. calinb7 20 months ago | reply

      >What's your beef? At least Barack's parents were married.

      Yes! In fact his father was married to two women at the time Obama was born! Go see "2016 The Move."

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