• This and the clouds are amazing mate! Great job. - Danny.B08
  • Are these rocks or greebles? It all looks very unnatural. - kɹɪstəfɚ hafmɪn
  • Really? I love the creativity displayed in these cliffs, great job! - ShareburG
  • e_O A 1oo dollar? - Mecharonn
  • I like this idea for the walls. - Mattiusxavier
  • I agree with Shareburg, all the different angles and pieces add a really nice texture and look. - [Zach B]
  • waterfall is genius - julencin2000
  • hot dragon! (no pun intended) - Gabe Umland
  • Those are some huge mushrooms. - jolawy
  • Genius work, my friend. - Empty Sandbox
  • I think every piece in a MOC should be there for a reason; these just look tacked-on. Less than half of these pieces could actually pass for rocks imo. "NPU" can only be taken so far, and random parts usage is one of the reasons Iridescent's style is not my cup of tea. - kɹɪstəfɚ hafmɪn
  • Agreed. This bridge is very nice as well - kɹɪstəfɚ hafmɪn
  • Well, this method is more stylized than typical Lego building, and you have to look at the effect as a whole; something like a mosaic. Individually, no, the pieces don't look like rocks, any more than the tesserae of a mosaic look like what they're portraying. But take a step back, and the art comes together. - porschecm2
  • My biggest critique of this awesome piece is that there's too much overhang here. I get that you're going for a lot of overhang, but I think you should have brought the grey stonework arching out under the grass further. - porschecm2
  • It's a pity they can't be turned on. - porschecm2
  • Thanks guys! It was never meant to be a huge wall of NPU, I just wanted to try a different approach at micro scale mountain. It's definitely a stretch, but the whole build is sort of surreal.
  • I completely agree. I was going for a overhand but I never really realized it until after the photo. I'll definitely make sure to improve on that if I ever come back to this style building.
  • Smurfs village^^ - Simon S.
  • = )))) - Dark-Alamez
  • This pretty much sums up how I feel about this style. For me, the little details are just as important as the big picture; actual rocks still look like rocks when zoomed in. But I'm being nitpicky, and Carson already knows how I feel about it, so meh :p - eldeeem
  • One question. Does it fasten strong? = ) - Dark-Alamez
  • Dragon? Thought it is fenix - Dark-Alamez
  • i thought so too, but its to big.... - Gabe Umland
  • These are probably the most interesting clouds I've ever seen. I love the effect. Awesome job. - Lt. Col. Thorin
  • Whatever you want it to be ;)
  • Yes, well it's stronger than you would think. It doesn't even compare to normal mountians but it stays together, since there are so many greebles :P
  • Hello there! - Drizdar
  • Of course! Everybody knows you can just dig up massive $100 bills out of the ground! :D - Ryclen
  • That's what she said. - Brickitivity
  • owl! brilliant use! - patrick_bosman
  • Nice! I didn't have very many of these and had to use cheese slopes here - A Plastic Infinity

Welcome to Aedificus

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This is my entry for the Lego Contest Network Landscaping Contest. As you have probably noticed already, this build is heavily inspired by "iridescent nohow". There is also a tribute to Harry Potter with the Hogwarts inspired castle and some awesome Toy Story clouds.

Oh, and a little fun fact. Every single piece in this build is connected.

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  1. Imagine™ 20 months ago | reply

    I love the rocks. How every random piece fits together so perfectly - in an abstract way. How perfect the castle seems and how chaotic things get at the bottom.

  2. vSabi 20 months ago | reply

    Well, ummm... I don't even know. I do know, however, that this is one of the best builds EVER.

  3. quý 20 months ago | reply

    Oh my what a goldmine. I see what you mean by inspired by iridescent nohow; it's as if you collected several of his creations and put it all together.

  4. (SilentAssassin) 20 months ago | reply

    /mindblown. This is fantastic! Amazing detail, beautiful work!

  5. lord_tarris 20 months ago | reply

    wow, amazing, never saw lego-clouds before ;-)

  6. Carson Hart 19 months ago | reply

    Thanks guys! I know it was sort of a stretch building in this style, but I wanted to see what it would look like at a bigger scale. Some people like it, some people don't. I guess it just depends on the individual ;)
    Thanks TR! I'm glad you like it :D
    I like notes :D
    Thanks! :)

    Thanks a ton for all the extremely nice comments everyone! Seriously, they mean a lot to me. I'm currently very busy with school right now but i will try to build whenever I get the chance!!

  7. Exinferis~ 19 months ago | reply

    Woah! The randomness of the parts usage is awesome!

  8. Joshua Christenson 19 months ago | reply

    The overall look of it is amazing!

  9. _Tiler 19 months ago | reply

    Magic! :)

  10. beth.lego.shaggy 19 months ago | reply

    it looks like im a little late to the comment party, but this is amazing

  11. Captain Decius 18 months ago | reply

    Nice part usage there.

  12. "Pr0D1x" 18 months ago | reply

    Amazing work 1

  13. WW2lego00 [deleted] 18 months ago | reply

    Awesome! like the clouds!

  14. Wyleeee 17 months ago | reply

    the castle looks like hogwarts

  15. tater-tots 17 months ago | reply

    I keep coming back to this one - sooooo gooooood!!!!

  16. Justin M 14 months ago | reply

    Insane piece usage.

  17. legosamurai 13 months ago | reply

    so incredible in so small a space! beautiful.

  18. Carson Hart 13 months ago | reply

    I'm a little late, but thanks everyone!!

  19. DARTHCJ117 11 months ago | reply

    thats f***ing amazing

  20. LEGOMINDED 4 weeks ago | reply

    that's just fantastic

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