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1) I pretty much like to build in every theme possible. I find it a fun challenge and I believe it makes me a better builder.

2) Because of this, I've never had "Builders Block". In fact, I have way too many things I want to build.

3) I love collecting different pieces and rare colors.

4) I have always been into Lego but for a brief time in 7th grade I didn't pay attention to it as much. I guess I would have to call it my dark age.

5) I actually joined Flickr because my cousin had one for photography and I wanted to post some photos. I then stumbled upon some Lego creations and was absolutely blown away. That is when I had discovered the Community.

6) Building with Lego has also really improved my photography and editing. My brother is very helpful and has pretty much taught me everything even though he is 13. Check out his Youtube Channel!

7) I always think quality over quantity when it comes to building.

8) Most of my family know I build and only a handful of my friends know. It's not that I'm ashamed, I just try not to tell people because most just don't understand.

9) My favorite Lego set is The Burrow. I have three.

10) I have a pretty decent collection of Licensed Minifigures.

11) I've entered in quite a few contests and have won one. I think that the best part about contests isn't the prizes, but how it makes me build something that I never would have though of ever building. Some examples is a Star Wars inspired speeder bike, a Modular Building, a Japanese Temple, a super heroes car, a giraffe, and a giant hungry worm about to eat a kid in his sleep.

12) My Lego collection is very organized, although I still need to organize a few more pieces into my drawers. It's a never-ending process.

13) Literally every time I look around, I picture how I would build it in Lego. I guess you could call it a disease :P

14) There are so many great builders it's crazy. It's nearly countless how many people inspire me to build. Hopefully I can be up there with them some day. Seriously, if it wasn't for you guys (and girls), I wouldn't even be here.

15) I've never been to a Lego convention and I probably won't until Collage or after Collage.

16) I do build on the floor, but it is on a comfortable carpet and I actually like it quite a lot.

17) Alright enough with Lego. I will be a sophomore at Mira Costa High School.

18) I play baseball year round and will be on the JV team.

19) I am lefty but hit righty for some reason and am currently trying to become a switch hitter.

20) Junior Guards is my favorite thing in the summer. I discovered this summer that I really like swimming, and I think I'm going to try to become a Los Angeles County Lifeguard as a summer job, which isn't easy.

21) I love most sports and I like to skateboard, snowboard, surf, and all that stuff.

22) I like to draw portraits of people in pencil.

23) I got the "Most Artistic" award for my middle school.

24) I will always be a Mac user.

25) My favorite Superhero has probably got to be Superman.

26) I am a big Dodger fan.

27) I love candy.

28) My dad invents candy.

29) The people tagged are either good friends of mine on here, or are real inspirations to my building. Don't be sad if you aren't tagged, you guys all rock.

30) I doubt most of you actually read all of this but if you did, congratulations, you pretty much know everything about me. Thanks!

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Taken on July 22, 2012