Harold Edgerton "Hummingbirds"

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    As some of you know I am more than fond of early pictures, both those that are still and those that move. They always make me think of something, sometimes that talk to me, and sometimes they sing...

    Harold Edgerton was a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology whose work with stroboscopes helped to pave to way towards making captures of rapidly moving things that had previous defied the human eye.

    Hummingbirds is a one of my favorite pieces of scientific video footage and I have been watching it for many, many years. Earlier this spring I stumbled upon a piece of music that I felt was most befitting, to my own sensibilities at least, for this little gem of footage.

    Maybe you don't know about my love for sound, but it goes back deep and is highly important to me. If you would care to make a leap of faith please follow this link to a little sound page that I curate on facebook...I posted this video there some months ago.

    ~Evening*~ (EAR Traffic)


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    1. Rita was here... 44 months ago | reply

      Sweet little creatures, so very busy. The soundtrack was appropriately buzzy and industrious sounding. Good match.

    2. plaisanter~ 44 months ago | reply

      That was amazing, thank you. That footage is delightful!

    3. vivienne_strauss 44 months ago | reply

      thank you for that great link, truly beautiful.

    4. taranoel 44 months ago | reply

      interesting and enjoyable with the sound...
      thanks for the link

      i like hummingbirds
      they are unique

      i wonder someday what we'll see
      ...the things that are just too fast for our vision today

      i'd like to know more about your love for sound

    5. Evening* 38 months ago | reply

      still...working on flying...

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