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    I'm doing a presentation on the Hackerspaces movement at a conference where the white hat hacker idea might not be so well known and wanted a Free 'Stock Photo' of a hacker to use as a parody. Couldn't find anything that I didn't have to pay for so my buddy and I staged this in the MakeHackVoid Hackerspace.

    Feel free to shop out the watermark if it doesn't fit in with your style, just remember to credit me somewhere.

    Photographer: angusgr.

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    1. grizouille2 27 months ago | reply

      This is an incredibly ignorant image! This, a typical hacker? Talk about promoting predjudice and stereotype. Hackers are of many, many types - but certainly not best represented by a Palestinian scarf (keffieh)-wearing angry young man with a head mask! How about a brilliant nerd in his office cubicle? No mask. No need to hide his (or her?) face. For those who understand its workings, the Internet is anonymous (no pun intended).

    2. devdsp 27 months ago | reply

      Did you skip over the part where I explain that this is a parody?

    3. Cait Sumfin 27 months ago | reply

      Maybe grizouille didn't read your description and got to your photo the same way I did -- through this forbes article: www.forbes.com/sites/eliseackerman/2013/01/11/us-departme... Forbes doesn't appear to be using it as a parody and the article doesn't use your description as context. They are using it as a propaganda-like photo (scary java hackers! break out the duct tape!) -- though they do credit you and link back to your page. I clicked through because I couldn't believe what a ridiculous stereotypical image it was, made me laugh. Makes more sense as parody.

      Just a heads up in case you didn't know yet. There may be more people like griz that come through and post similar things on this photo without reading your context.

    4. Cait Sumfin 27 months ago | reply

      ps: is that a hammer or a back-scratcher? :P

    5. devdsp 27 months ago | reply

      That Forbes blog post did generate a lot of hits (relative to normal) so I figured that's how grizouille2 found the photo. I noticed the spike in my stats and checked the referers. I was a little surprised to see that my Guy Fawkes bandanna was thought to be a Palestinian keffieh.

      Of the dozens of places that have turned up in my referrer, logs I can only think of two times this photo has been used with the intended irony (and one of them was mine). That's just something you put up with when you licence things CopyLeft.

    6. VegWorcester 27 months ago | reply

      I know this is intended as a parody, but now people are using it as an image of a hacker! www.forbes.com/sites/eliseackerman/2013/01/11/us-departme...

      The parody message is not coming through, it's just reifying the dominant narrative that hackers are terrorists, not activists who want greater freedom and less censorship!

    7. webweisend media company 14 months ago | reply

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