DeBragga and Niman Ranch Present State of the Meat Industry June 12 at Lincoln
DeBragga, New York’s Butcher®, and Niman Ranch, feel passionately about how livestock are raised for consumption, and we see that now is a good time to share our vision with you.

During our meeting at Lincoln Ristorante June 12, we discussed what’s happening inside our nation’s industrial houses of animal production, known as CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations), and learned about sustainable and humane alternatives to industrial agriculture. We need to take this knowledge with us and carry the news to others in order to change the way more of our meat is produced today.

We do not need to produce animals in industrial operations to feed our country. The industrial model, where animals are fed drugs to increase their immune system and to grow faster, is not sustainable. The alternative is to raise animals humanely and sustainably- without the use of antibiotics or added hormones- on small family farms across the country, and we have an example of that here today in Niman Ranch.

Over the past 40 years, Niman Ranch has been committed to working with individual U.S. family farmers to raise the highest quality livestock using traditional farming methods. As the demand for humanely raised meat increases, Niman Ranch continues to grow the number of U.S family farmers in its network- from our first in 1972 to over 725 farms today. Some are multi-generational and others are new to farming, but all now have means and a market for the animals they raise.

DeBragga is committed to promoting naturally and humanely raised meats and to increasing its ongoing sales of these animals to the restaurant industry and consumers alike. In the past five years alone, sales of naturally raised meats and poultry at DeBragga have increased from 5% of sales to more than 35%. DeBragga no longer sells any factory raised pork or chicken.

There is a choice, and often times the average consumer does not know or understand their options. We need to educate the consumer on the benefits of raising animals humanely and sustainably without antibiotics and added hormones. It is better for the animals, the land and the farmers. Let’s talk about the choices, raise awareness and increase demand for humanely raised meat. Support our family farmers- our nation’s treasure- and our path forward.
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