Crochet and felted animals
When I have a little spare time I like to make crocheted animals, in the playground while waiting at the post office, during long journeys etc. They are made small because they have to fit in a child's hand. I always have yarn and a crochet needle in my handbag just in case I have a few minutes. When crocheting animals I like to make representations rather than exact copies.

I get many letters with questions about patterns. I make animals without using patterns, just from instinct. I brainstorm some ideas of animals I am familiar with and then transform them into the animals that I most like. I almost always use the same technique - first I make felted shapes (dry felting) and then crochet directly onto that form. Most of the effect comes from used yarns - sometimes it takes me a few months to collect all the components. Nests should be rustic, so coloured homespun yarns are the best, small animals ought to be soft and nice to the touch so good quality mohair will be needed. For a shiny egg effect try using silk or mercerised cotton.

So go on give it a bash!
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