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1. Nominate something you are going to go out and hunt for - the more abstract the better

I went out looking for "sinister"

2. Give yourself a time constraint

Sunday evening was my only chance to go out to play this week

3. Go out and start work

This I did, but being an absolute amateur numpty I managed to go out with a flat camera battery (doh!) so my new time constraint became the 15% of battery left on my Iphone

4. Ask yourself why everything else that you encounter is so much more engaging than what you are hunting for

I didn't encounter anything I found remotely sinister but was distracted by the textures of this metal decided to try (with the dying embers of phone-life) to create something sinister-ish, using the distraction. Not madly happy with the result, but thought I should stick to the rules, otherwise what's the point? :)

5. Ask yourself whether the time constraint is a useful tool

Not for novices...when you're just starting out I think you need time to explore and experiment. (By the way, lesson learned re. batteries, before anyone chastises me too severely!)

- Richard Wentworth

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Taken on May 29, 2011