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Hopefully this is the last day.

Surka - Mommy?

Me - Yeah, Surks?

Surka - I want you to go back to school, now.

Me - *Doesnt realize what she actually said* Yeah, i want to go b- wait...what?

Surka - I want you to go back, i want to be home by myself again. I can do more stuff when you are gone. Like look through your stuff, and run around the house in my underwear singing, and make prank calls.

Me - do all that stuff while im at school?

Surka - No....


I want to go back and clearly Surka is ready to be separated from me as well. She loves me and i love her, but we need the alone time. The snow and ice is still here in my home town, but hopefully the roads will have cleared enough tomorrow for some learning! Actually, i dont want the learning, i just want to see my friends, heck, i want to see anyone. =) Hope that everyone who has snow isnt miserably bored like i am! =D

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Taken on January 11, 2011