The Living Earth - 8-24th Jan 2017
The 'Living Earth', a Class 10 main lesson on Oceanography was taught from the 8-24th Jan 2017, at Havelock Islands, in the Andaman Sea. A diverse group of Dutch, English, Chinese and Indian students and teachers studied various aspects of the Earth from its Core to the Sun/Moon around it, to understand the land, oceans and the air around it. The teachers tried to weave the four elements, earth, water, air and fire into this vibrant world, in which we live. Music, Art, Games, Science and Geography were brought to life while diving the oceans, walking in forests, as well as in the classroom for the students and student teachers.

It was a relaxed two weeks of study (except for the teachers and organisers!) with the main lesson, art, music, games, forest walks and scuba dives, integrated into an experiential and multicultural learning experience that all the participants will remember in later life.
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