Boat Building 10-25th Oct 2015
From wood to waves, sweat to smiles , Hyderabad to Hampi and back.
Six intrepid boat builders from various parts of the world came together under the expert guidance of Hans de Leeuw, a Tech Studies teacher from the Netherlands. Akhil, Chaitanya, Harshit, Naren and Jayesh worked with Hans to build two Flat Skiff boats - The Argo and Fram, in eleven days. The start was exhilarating as its was complex with lots of tools , equipment and material being bought at a quick pace to keep up with the daily activity. To complete a hard day's of physical activity , Hemangi a teacher at Abhaya School worked with the group every day, with some relaxing art. We then travelled to Hampi on the 22nd of October, carrying the boats on the top of two cars and rowed/motored them on the Tungabhadra river. The students and teachers measured the depth of the river at various locations and drew a rough sketch of the river with the depths. A brief main lesson book was then made for Hans to evaluate and assess each participant's work and presentation. On the 30th of Oct this was presented to the teachers and students of Abhaya school (where the boats were built), during their Friday morning assembly .
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