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Light Machine Gun | by Just Woitek now.
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Light Machine Gun

Hi guys,

I made an LMG while I was at work.

I already had the stock and the grip done, but I was stuck on the receiver, so I didn't work on it for a while, and now with the new parts I finished it :D


Please hit "L" to view it in the Lightbox. Details are much better visible that way.

Code is available on request.


Docter Noob, if you read this, thanks you SO much for updating. This keeps us using your awesome program. Keep it up!


This is also a big thank you to all the nice people on PMG Flickr. You know who I mean!


For those who don't know what's going on, here's the message that's also in the "Goodbye Topic".


"As some of you might have noticed, I'm far less active these days. I'm very busy with school (a pre-military education), and I simply don't have the time for PMG or Flickr anymore :(

When I come home around 5, I play some games, have dinner, make homework and go to bed. Yes, it truly is that sad...


I even won't be here when the winners will be chosen from the SPW contest... I'll be on internship for a week on an airforce base in the South-West of The Netherlands. I'm really sorry guys, but I will be A LOT less active during my education. I didn even dare to dream about it, but I'm actually really liking school, and I'm very motivated.


I will use PMG though. And I will be on Flickr and msn. But probably only during the weekends, when I'm at work. Keep hoping, and I might get on during the weeks. It's now eleven o'clock in the evening, and I'm tired as fuck. Half a year ago, I never went to sleep before 4am! And now this! So weird...


Anyway, first the loss of Simeon, and now this. Sad times, folks. Sad times. I'm sorry. Take care, I'll miss you all.


x Amy"

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Taken on September 17, 2011