2008.12 Completion.
It is a housing project of Kanagawa Prefecture (Kamakura City).
It was, and made the space with a small extension about a top light, an open ceiling, and a big wall for a young couple.
It thought about the composition like a three-dimensional one room by setting up the open ceiling on the north side of a long and slender from east to west building of width 3m and 11m in depth.
The entire sense of area is caught by the capacity of not the floor space but the space though it is a narrow house. A big wall on the north side works like the reflector that tells both various things like light, the wind, the sound, and the sign, etc. when an upper and lower space ties through the open ceiling.
The space was existence of "Following" to the end, and when thinking about feeling of quality that the life deflecting becomes "Main", it became an answer "Only the material feeling is told without having the color" finally.
Then, it paints in a very limit line that leaves all the material feelings in white though the interior is basically arranged with plywood (lurch plywood and lauan plywood). I thought that I was able to become existence like the mirror that projected life by doing so.
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