2008.04 Completion.
It is a housing project of Saitama Prefecture (Kasukabe City).
It is a plan of rebuilding a wooden bungalow construction house advanced by the passing superannuation of old 35 years.
A wide front yard was advanced in the south and a lifestyle of the client (relation that did not need serious privacy) and the future changeability (second generation belt making from a single home) were advanced to arrangement that had the zelkova roadside trees on the north side while making light and the wind an axis, and it expected, and the design was advanced.
It folds to the outside and the ceiling shape that goes up works like ventilation, ventilation, and the lighting's between columns being effectively done.
The warmth of summer is efficiently exhausted between columns along the ceiling, and it is circulated oppositely in winter.
A comfortable dwelling environment is produced with the thing that the space in the back of the hut plays the role of the thermal barrier at the same time.
Moreover, this ceiling shape urges the thing to take the outside environment into life positively for consideration on the front yard and the sky.
It has achieved between the sky by using the truss beam. Moreover, the place where the area and height were different was produced with the proportion of the size of the truss beam to width, the floor planning and the section plan were adjusted, and the function of life was put.
Externals the roof and the ceiling become one if the entire building is seen from the outside and with the feature are composed.
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