3d pan white

Already Gone

"You, you never call

You never write me or nothing

I set myself up to fall

I was stupid then to try


And I'm living a lie

I'm in a fantasy world

but the hero won't win this time

'Cause a pipe dream gets flushed away


By all means I'm getting mad

but that don't mean I don't feel sorry for you


How sad you're gonna be

I wish I could stick around

to see your face when you realize you've permanently changed

and it's all thanks to me

I was wrong for coming here

You'll wake alone and run around your lonely home

Look for my face but I'm already gone"


- Anthony Raneri


Bayside | Killing Time | 2011 | Gil Norton | Wind-up Records


*Taken at Truckeroo - Half and M St, SE Washington DC 20003


Black and White| Streetography


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Taken on February 27, 2012