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The path

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When I bought my camera last year I went through a stage of photographing everything. Then increasingly I got into landscapes, then long exposures and before I knew it every time I took the camera out I had it loaded up on my tripod with an ND filter attached.


Now I'm not giving up on that, I still think seascapes are my favourite subject and I love the minimalist view of the world that slowing water down allows. However I'm also keen to work on improving my alround skills. To that end, as evidenced by my stream recently I've just been going out trying to take photos as I find things, rather than searching for specific subjects to fit a style. I'm also trying to improve my editing skills. I'm also pretty obsessed at the moment with walkways (actually, since taking up photography I've realised I'm a bit more obsessive at times than I figured).


Which brings me to this image. So I've prepared both colour (which I may upload in the future) and black and white versions of this but I wanted to do something a bit different with it. Which is when I got the idea to try and boost the contrast and give it a kind of vintage/haunted look. The haunted side might work a bit better if the path were crooked but you can't have everything. What does worry me though is that I know with the settings I previously had my monitor set at, this looks quite light. Whereas with the settings I'm now using for print it's got exatly the feel I'm after. Which leaves me wondering what people viewing actually see. This is the most detailed edit I've attempted to date and I'm really happy with the end result and hopefully you're getting to see it as I intended.


If you've read all of that, thanks.


Shot details

Canon 600D (T3i/Kiss X5)

Canon 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5mm EF-S USM @ 10mm

ISO 200

1/320th second exposure @ f9


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Taken on January 22, 2012