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Up close and personal - but no more tagging, please!

Well I've been tagged again by a few contacts, and this time I believe I have to come up with 16 random statements about myself, and then tag 16 contacts.

I shall risk whatever misfortune may befall me by sparing you any tagging as a gesture of goodwill for the coming year!


1. Proud to be Scottish

2. Still friends with children I played with before we went to school - that's a long time!

3. Married in 1967 and still with the same husband - no plans to replace him!(Must love him)

4. First profession - qualified as a teacher to please my parents who thought art college would be a corrupting influence on their daughter!!???

5. I have three lovely daughters and two beautiful granddaughters.

6. Middle daughter, her husband and my only grandchildren emigrated to Canada this year in February.

7. They left me their cat Tootsie.

8. I became a professional artist, specialising in mosaic work.

9. I really enjoyed carving large sculptures from tree trunks, mainly oak and sweet chestnut for outside installation.

10. Heaviest artwork - 6.5 tons of pebble mosaic sited at the junction of two streets, and designated as a peace memorial.

11. Have incurred permanent "wear and tear" damage to an arthritic spine and can't stand or walk for long.

12. Don't care - I had a ball working on so many interesting art projects.

13. Since I joined Flickr I have had to make major adjustments to make to my life, including the use of a wheelchair - thanks guys for helping me through.

14. I still have a studio and continue to work, although on a smaller scale - so far!

15. I suppose my body has got older, but inside my head I don't feel I've grown up yet.

16. I hate injustice, and bullying at an individual or national level. I firmly believe in getting to know and understand other people, celebrating our common humanity, and respecting cultural differences.

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Taken on December 26, 2008