Google Android G1 phone with broken screen after a short fall to the ground

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    Has anyone else had this problem?

    1. toolie26 78 months ago | reply

      oh bummer. Put it in a bucket of rice, I heard that helps

    2. Rawksteadi 78 months ago | reply

      type "reboot" ?

    3. interpunct 78 months ago | reply

      LOL for realz?!

    4. Rawksteadi 78 months ago | reply

      yea i heard the OS was released in debug mode

    5. Ryan Daly 77 months ago | reply

      ...just wondering if the aforementioned 'fix' really worked... the rice, that is.

    6. interpunct 77 months ago | reply

      lol I think (hope) melt was kidding about the rice. The phone had to be sent in. Actually, I don't think it's even fixed yet!

    7. toolie26 77 months ago | reply

      I was kidding but I've heard if you get water in your electronics, it's worth a shot tossing em into a bucket of rice. Draws the water out.

    8. Rawksteadi 77 months ago | reply

      yea the rice trick is legit. my notebook got some water in it once but i didn't have that much rice so i just let it bake in the sun for about 30min and after that it was good as new. i've also heard that kitty litter works equally well.

    9. bobconroy 76 months ago | reply

      Yes. This just happened. Were you able to fix it and if so what did you do?

    10. interpunct 76 months ago | reply

      Oh no! I'm so sorry Bob! When this happened to my friend Josh's phone he, luckily, had just gotten the insurance on the phone, and they replaced it for him.

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