Ewoks - High Tech Warriors?

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    An Imperial Scout Trooper hopped quickly off his bike, and stealthily walked through the heavy green carpet of Endor. He was on the lookout for any overgrown Teddy Bears, more commonly known as Ewoks. He was up on a rocky cliff, overlooking a large clearing. The Scout Trooper spied three Ewoks, armed with clubs and spears, below him, under the shelter of a tree. They were talking excitedly, and the occasional, 'Yub, Nub!" and "Eat your mama!" floated up to his helmets hearing sensors. He quietly set up his sniper blaster rifle thing, and planned to blast the adorable, primeval, Teddy Bear warriors below. Just as he began to sight in on the little Ewoks, he heard a loud screeching noise to his right, a Ewok with a jetpack duel wielding two blasters was hovering ten feet above ground!
    "What the he-", was the last thing the dastardly Scout ever said. As three blaster bolts hit him square on, penetrating the useless white plastic armor that the Emperor insisted he wear, two from the jetpack Ewok, and one from a master of camouflage hiding to his left. In the words of Admiral Ackbar, the Scout Trooper had fallen into a carefully laid out TRAPPPP!!!!!

    /translated from Ewokese
    "This is Skybear to TreeHugger, do you copy?"
    "We copy, Skybear."
    "Mission TRAP is a success, I repeat, mission TRAP is a success. "
    "10-4, over and out."

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------
    My entry into the Alternate SW category for the MocAthalon, this is my last build.
    Total build time was four hours, and I put a lot of thought into this. Incase you don't know what is going on the Ewoks pretended to be very primitive so they would lure the Scout Trooper into a easy trap.

    Enjoy and God Bless!

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    1. K.Kreations 37 months ago | reply

      So great! :)

    2. .TheBricks 37 months ago | reply

      Lol. It would be cooler if the Ewoks at the bottom had high-tech stuff too :)

    3. n7mereel 37 months ago | reply

      This is genius!

    4. ‹Blλze [deleted] 37 months ago | reply

      YES, GCW FTW. Wow, all caps there. Anyways, you have my seal of approval.

    5. .Bricko 37 months ago | reply

      Read the desc mate.

    6. CaptainInfinity 37 months ago | reply

      Hah, you and TheBricks always make me smile with your funny entries.

    7. .Bricko 37 months ago | reply

      Oh! Oh! I need an update, are you uploading your Time Warp entry tonite?!?!?!

      Aww, thanks bud.

    8. CaptainInfinity 37 months ago | reply

      Yes I am, we got back at 5am and I slept until 2 :3 I will make a few changes to it also.

    9. .Bricko 37 months ago | reply

      Awesome! Can't wait to see it!

    10. JPRawr 37 months ago | reply

      Booyah. Excellent use of foliage, but I believe the light green leaf is unneeded and throws off the color scheme. "Wub Wub!"

    11. | Fade | 37 months ago | reply

      This is great :D

    12. =DoNe= 37 months ago | reply

      Looks great mate!

    13. AceBricks 36 months ago | reply

      This looks sweet! You improved so much since the last 6 weeks. :3

    14. .Bricko 36 months ago | reply

      I have, I tell ya building for the MA really takes all your potential skillz! :D

    15. .TheBricks 36 months ago | reply

      It also takes your actual skills. I tried to build yesterday, but just sat there with shaking hands unable to build anything.

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