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A Prisoner In My Own Room... | by .Bricko
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A Prisoner In My Own Room...

My second battle took place this morning, I was put up against a lion, and again the "forest" was set up. I hid behind a tree and waited for him to approach. When he got within ten feet I raced out from behind it, amid the roar of the crowd, and he darted after me. The lion leaped and I dropped to the ground, rolled, and threw myself back up. The lion had landed and was charging towards me. I turned swiftly and sliced his head off. I can still hear the crowd chanting, "Esca! Esca!" and the thunderous applause I received. I was escorted off the hot sands and led throught the tunnels to my cool room. I walked in and the door was shut, then the two guards who had been assigned to me, stood at attention behind my door. I stripped off my upper armor, placed my gladius on the carved stone seat, put my helmet on its specially made rack, and dropped my shield on the bed, along with my greave. I picked up my scroll which I had obtained, it was the philosophies of Plato. I read a small section about Freedom, and then I leaned back against the cold cement wall of my room. The room had a barred window above my bed, and the door was always watched by two Roman legionnaires. I had begun to realize the true meaning of freedom, to go were you want to go when you want to, to do what you want to, when you want to. And then I realized no matter one the amphitheater manager told me, I was a prisoner in my own room.



This is the third vignette and short story in my gladiator miniseries.


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Uploaded on August 29, 2011