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Baboon Spider... | by KaySeeArr - now also on 'ipernity'.
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Baboon Spider...

Thanks to ~Ride .the. Snake~ for the identification of the Genus 'Harpactira'.


This beauty was found clinging to the back of the blouse that my wife was wearing! Fortunately, she is not squeamish about these creatures and calmly stood and waited while I searched for a jar in which to collect the big guy. After being photographed, it casually wandered off to seek shelter.


This is a lovely specimen of the South African tarantula found in KwaZulu-Natal, possibly belonging to the Genus ‘Harpactira’. They are known as Baboon Spiders locally due to their hairiness and also because the last two leg segments are said to resemble the finger of a baboon. Excluding the leg spread, the body length of this spider was almost 4cm and the fangs appeared to be about 5mm long – I did not get close enough to them to take accurate measurements!!! However, these creatures are docile and if provoked prefer to run and hide. On the rare occasion that they do inflict a bite, it is reported to be painful, but has not proved fatal to humans. These creatures construct a silk-lined burrow in the soil and pounce on prey wandering past.

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Taken on May 5, 2012