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street symbols - brughes

An eclectic mix of religious and pagan symbols. It's a pity that modern buildings are so totally sterile. Have we lost something that is more essential than we realize?



1 Mysterious bishop - why does he have such a tragic look? A martyr? Could not find any information in the tourist guides.

2 Green bush wit anthropomorphic ornament.

3 Neptune as a fountain.

4 The divine light - great baroque ornament. The mystical image of God.

5 A hidden deamon.

6 A tragic green man.

7 The baptism of Christ. An early medieval tympanum.

8 A golden wind vane and the compass rose. A symbol of the world. But why the golden ball? Also the world? I have not found any information in the tourist guides.

9 Christ as The Lamb.

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Taken on May 4, 2010