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August 14, 2010

That's right! It's faceless week! Woot! Prepare yourself to be creeped out...but for some reason I'm always inspired by faceless week. And I really needed the encouragement. And I just want you guys to know, I'm over that donkey...I have been for awhile. It's not so much about that...but more so about how I tend to compare myself to other contacts by quality and popularity. Then when I'm done I tend to think "I'm not good enough" "I don't have enough charisma" "I'm not talented enough" ect. And I know it's wrong to compare myself to other people...I'm not them, I'm me. There's nobody else like me, as mediocre as I may be in society and on flickr.


But I do appreciate everyone who follows me. It means the world to me...and while I tend to think of the future and concentrate on what could happen or what could be or how things could be better...know my heart ALWAYS appreciates where I'm at. You guys are amazing and I feel terrible because I've been a bad contact lately :( I have no excuse, just been lazy.


Anyway, I was going to do a more cliche shot today. Was going to do a hand heart on the belly but I was scared that'd get people thinking I'm pregnant. I'm not. Though earlier this week I was spotting and for a few days I was utterly convinced I was pregnant and it terrified me. I then turned a mommy forum where I got two women's opinions saying they thought it was just my birth control doing funny things to me. Turns out it was. Whew...I can't tell you how relieved Garry and I were when my monthly showed up...the damn thing. I never want it until it might not show.


But I figure, as far as faceless shots go this is pretty cliche. So...HCS!


PS. I'm so proud of the before and after of this picture I had to blog about it. Since blogger was being a butt I ended up getting a wordpress...please stop by and let me know you're'll make me wanna update more often :-P

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Taken on August 14, 2010