Historic Downieville, California Oct. 7, 2012
I Thomas Thompson and my friend Darrell (fellow “Flickr” friend) decided to do a photo shoot today in the city of Downieville, California and in and around the city of Sierra City, California. Downieville, is about 50 miles North on highway 49 out of Grass Valley. We were hoping to catch the 1st signs of the colors of the fall, but we found that we were too early at this time of the season. We 1st stop at Downieville for a couple of hours before we proceeding on up to Sierra City, where I just recently up loaded some photos from that photo shoot to my Flickr account. The city of Downieville, is a very interesting place to explore if you just take the time to do so. It has a lot of rich history and was established in 1849 as a Gold Rush Town. Today the population is barely over 300 people, but it has a unique lifestyle that I believe a lot of people would envy as life is more laid back here. A good place to spend the night is a hotel called the River Side Inn which has a balconies that overlooks the small stream that runs through town.
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