• Put a headlight brick here insead, the smeway I did on my panzer 38(t) - Panzy boe
  • This shoul be one brick wider on both sides:P - Panzy boe
  • you should bring the middle part down a plate - LegoUli
  • AHHH!! - 21stpanzerdivision
  • www.flickr.com/photos/akkupati/6472722345/in/photostream
  • :PPPP
  • At least he isn't basing it on your tanks... - Panzy boe
  • I used IRL pics to this...but Panzy helped me with some stuff.
  • Lmfao! - =DoNe=
  • LMAO block that doylemwiththepricks perma - Project Azazel
  • Agreed! - Panzy boe
  • Wow, I feel like a total asshole. What I said was pretty wrong, it seemed a lot more stupid after looking back at my comments. I made a comment without really knowing the whole picture. I was a huge jerk for being insulting. I'm sorry for that, so please forgive me. :( - -ThatGuyWithTheBricks-
  • Everyone uses this...
  • Because it looked good.
  • Using cheese slopes as front?
  • Are you serious? I don't want my tank look fat. It was a good idea, but not inspired by Panzy. I know he did it, but I've always wanted to do this.
  • Only one who have right to ´claim´ credit for it is PA. - =DoNe=
  • I uses it, i came up with it myself (lol i don´t wnat to offend you with those tags Panzy) - =DoNe=
  • Mine PA or wait, the rest of hte lego ww2 comnunity! - =DoNe=
  • So true, nobody have ever putted cheese slopes on the front of a tank >.> - =DoNe=
  • Nobody wins this - =DoNe=
  • Bullshit - =DoNe=
  • Nobody can claim credit for it. - =DoNe=
  • PA's gun matlet. - Panzy boe
  • In this case, nobodys ide. - =DoNe=

Panzer III

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And it's finnaly here!
360 degrees rotating turret
Suspension (if I put on more track on)
Opening hatches

Hope you like it!

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  1. Colonel Lego 37 months ago | reply

    damn yeah looks great !!! ;D

  2. -sniperll- 37 months ago | reply

    wOah! That's so simple yet effective! Nice :P

  3. [Fritz G.] 37 months ago | reply

    Thanks y'all

  4. Rebla 37 months ago | reply

    Very nice :D

  5. Project Azazel 37 months ago | reply

    Very nice pal ; )

  6. Florida Shoooter 37 months ago | reply

    Good job Fritzy. I like your 'old school' panzer commander! :D

  7. Legobrowwii 36 months ago | reply

    Is this the one you made my sir?

  8. =DoNe= 36 months ago | reply

    It´s obviusly made by an Chinese slave >.>

  9. Legobrowwii 36 months ago | reply

    It obviously is!;P

  10. legoman1232001 36 months ago | reply

    Nice panzer and minifig

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