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LCC: The Dagger | by Zachary Bean
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LCC: The Dagger

Boethius was infuriated that the sword he'd worked so hard to find was not the one of legends. "You know, drinking won't fix all your problems Boethius. " said Marcurio fumbling with the key for his door.


Marcurio shows Boethius into his living room, which is filled with various artifacts . Helmets, weapons, potions, and a large desk pushed against a wall. "Wow. You've gotta alot of junk don't ya." Said Boethius picking up a dagger. "Some would say so. That's the dagger that almost killed the king over 200 years ago." Boethius took another sip of ale. "Almost killed the King you say?" "Yes. An assassin named Vivat Eleutheria managed to sneak into the palace, and upon entering the throne room he charged the King, shouting 'Long Live Freedom!' , the true meaning of his name. Before he could reach the King, 3 arrows found themselves in his chest. He dropped dead right there in the throne room."


Marcurio Now sat down at his desk chair. He looked over some documents. "Long Live Freedom?" Boethius pondered. "Yes, what about it?" Marcurio said, not even looking up from his documents.


"He was an assassin you said?" Boethius questioned again. "Yes. From the Assassin order Shadows of Change." Marcurio now looked up from his documents, to find Boethius staring mindlessly into the fireplace. The flames seemed to lick at the wood it destroyed . Boethius was rubbing his thumb up and down the blade's edge.


"What is the Shado-" Before he could even finish his sentence Marcurio was already answering him. "The Shadows of Change was and ancient organization formed when Roawia was in it's meager beginnings. They stood for freedom and liberty. Originally they were a peace keeping force. They stomped out Outlaws and other rebellions formed around evil and deceit. They were actually highly admired by the King's council. This is how they operated for years and years. Decades and decades. Generations upon generations. Until a new Shadow Master was elected. He proclaimed that the King and his council had become corrupt with power and greed. They imprisoned anyone who would speak against the throne."


"Well, what happened to him?" Boethius asked, now fixated on the dagger he held in his hands. "What happened to him?"

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Taken on September 15, 2012