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LCC- LC "Build Your Pet"- The Raven | by Zachary Bean
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LCC- LC "Build Your Pet"- The Raven

In his late teen years, Boethius had been traveling in the harsh Lenfald forest on a foot path, when he collapsed of heat stroke.


When he woke up he was in an altered state of mind. Things were not as they seemed, they were warped and he felt as if he was floating. He tried to follow the path but all his misguided attempts led him into trees, bushes, and clusters of vines.


He collapsed again, but then he heard a screech like nothing he'd ever heard before. When he looked up, a raven starred at him. It seemed to stare right threw him. Then it began to talk to him. It told him how to get to safety. When Boethius made it to the next town he finally collapsed for the last time, completely dehydrated and out of energy.


When he awoke, the raven sat right next to him. An old farmer hovered over him too. He said he had given him water, food and shelter. He said Boethius was welcomed to stay, but that the raven had been sitting next to him for the past 5 hours without movement. He asked if it was his pet. Boethius replied. "Yes, yes he is."


From then on the raven followed Boethius and Boethius followed the raven. He named him Corvus, and it became known to Boethius' enemies that when the screech of Corvus was heard, it was one of the last things they would hear.

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Taken on June 11, 2012