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Army of Miscreants (LOR Outlaws LC XVII Task II) | by Zachary Bean
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Army of Miscreants (LOR Outlaws LC XVII Task II)

As the Outlaws unite beneath the black banner of their new leader, Baron Locklear, a motley crew of ruffians now fill the ranks of one of Roawia's largest fighting force: the Outlaw Armies.


(Left to Right)


The Humanoid Races. Goblins, Orcs, Cyclopses, and all other exiled humanoid races are some of the most fierce fighters the Outlaws have the ability to field in combat. What these groups of creatures lack in wit and intelligence they make up for with pure brawn and vicious attitudes.


The Mountain Tribesmen. The Mountain Tribes are groups of men and women who live among the bleak peaks on the Loreesi Outlaw border. They hail from all over Roawia, but it cannot be denied that many are runaways and exiles of Garheim, and as such dress in their more native garb. Strong and patient, they are prepared, and waiting.


Boethius the Exiled. He caters only to his own banners, but as his lust for blood and anger grows, he'll join anyone if it means fighting and killing other men.


The Queen's leftovers. All those men and women who served the Queen, or Maldrake, have been welcomed into the ranks of this new army. They may get more than a few curious and malevolent looks, but they have a vast combat experience, and many have seen tours throughout Roawia's main lands. They have killed before, and have no fear of pillaging and burning the countrysides, again.


The River Clans. Filling the swamps and river basins of the central Badlands, and the coastal islands, the River Clans are highly mobile, and creative. They are wicked fighters, and are feared even among other Outlaws. They trust few, and attack many.



We're making big moves in the Outlaw camp. So watch out, pretty much everyone in our way.


This is for my LCC/LOR ( (Formerly Lands Of Classic Castle) Lands of Roawia ) character, Boethius the Exiled. The full story can be viewed here.

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Taken on May 14, 2015